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What is kitchen interior concrete?

What is kitchen interior concrete? This is an artificial stone, created by molding and curing the different eco mixtures. It consists of a substance (like cement), large and small aggregates and water. If we talk about concrete countertop, it is a mix of sand, cement, water and additives for improving certain characteristics.

Before you made a step and purchase such type of countertops we wish to share some arguments about the quality and practical characteristics.

Firstly, concrete cannot be called the best material for countertops and sinks, because it is easier to damage and scratch a protective coating. Even Acrylic Stone is cheaper, produced everywhere and can be very similar to concrete.

But on the other hand, concrete, as well as natural stone, has environmental friendliness and uniqueness. Each product consists of pores, divorce, natural patina, bright spots laitance. Concrete units are not "ideal", but they are definitely unique. And let’s talk about practical use.

How to clean the stains on the concrete countertop or the sink?

Concrete is a porous material, and therefore, it absorbs moisture and dirt like a sponge. And don't think that it's easy to clean dirt from the pore structure. In addition please note, calcium is easily destroyed by acid. This means that a drop of lemon juice leaves a mat trail in minutes.

That is why it is necessary to protect concrete countertops for kitchen and bathroom by covering special polymer coating, which lays down with a thin layer on the surface and closes the pores. It is impossible to see a thin layer with an eye; it can be both matte and glossy. After such protection concrete worktop will be alive after wasting by wine, coffee, tomato paste, and 9% acetic acid and toothpaste.

Is it ok to knife the food on concrete countertop?

As we have just learned - the kitchen concrete is covered by special thin material. And when you use a knife on the concrete countertop you damage this layer. It is easy to scratch it, so it's better to use boards.

And what if you put a hot pot?

Simple concrete is able to withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees for 30 seconds, and then it starts to lighten. But concrete kitchen countertop with a protective layer can withstand no more than 150 degrees. This means that the hot pan will not kill it, but the red-hot frying pan - will.

As you can see it is complicated question to use or not to use. On the one hand, the concrete is easy to damage and can be so inconvenient in practice. But it is so unique and extraordinarily in different designs. And if you are a careful user this countertop will make your days.


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