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Don't hide it. Ways to store pans in small kitchen

If you kitchen is small and you spend a lot of time to find the place to store the pans after cooking this blog is for you. Not enough place? No special cabinet? Don’t worry and don’t try to hide it.

Use special railings.

If you have small house in village or want to make special atmosphere you can try to fix all pans on railings. Use hooks, boards, decoration stairs. Looks nice! It will definitely shock your guests if all is done in one design.

What is pegboard?

One more popular and convenient way to store the pans – board with small holes called pegboard. You can put any kind of hooks and store anything you want. What could be more useful than such way of storage? You don’t need to open shelves or cabinets.

Pegboards are available for every budget and style of house. You can make experiments with color and placement – good way to change the mood of kitchen without its global redesign.

Look up!

What people do not come up with in order to save the place? For example, here below pans fixed on special ceiling rails. Just look up and take it!

But even if the ceiling is not very high and you want to use this option in your kitchen, you must observe several important conditions. Make sure that the place where you want to install the hooks is not on the entry way otherwise each time you move around the kitchen you will touch the pans. Also check how strong your ceiling is to avoid unpleasant situations in future.

There are million ways how to store the pans. Want more? Read our blog 10 kitchen rails and hooks that will make your day.

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